8-Step Series to Success in Bidding and Winning

Who should attend this course: This series of workshops is for any business owner who has been established for over a year, and who is interested in working with the Federal Government.  We will focus on the requirements of the Federal Government, how to find bid leads, acquire technical data, and write and submit proposals. Along the way, we will share real-world examples, dispel myths, and discuss the reality of doing business with the Federal Government.

What this course will do for you: Attendees will learn the Ten Steps of doing business with the Federal Government, from finding and identifying customers, to locating bid leads and packages, to pricing and proposals and finally, to submitting bids.

Did you know? Being registered in SAMS is not the total answer to finding bids from the 2,500 buying activities around the country.  Using FEDBizOpps is just the start of finding bid opportunities. In this series, we review what to do once you have found the “ONE OPPORTUNITY” to bid on.  We answer questions like, what is a Gantt Chart and why does that matter to me?

These workshops will assist you if you are just entering this multi-billion dollar market; if you are a mature company wishing to expand, these workshops will help you assess and realign your business practices. MORE
Finding Dollars in Government Contracting

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Finding and preparing winning proposals


Winning Federal Contracts Series
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