Marketing to the Federal or for that matter any level of government is not what it is in the commercial side. 
Having a Capability Statement is one way to inform government and prime contractors who you are and what you do. 
Be professional, don't use a gmail, yahoo or aol account. 
Have a website, for very little you can have a professional website up and running in a day.  GoDaddy and Wix are just two of a entire group of online site providers. 
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FED MALL formerly DoD Mall
For anyone else who this may help.. “ my fedmall thimble full of info “
Additionally the other day July 14th & 15th DoD Industry day discussion ensued about buying PPE stuff quickly off of fed-mall. Jane provided the 2 day recorded link (should be up if not already by July 30th)
FED MALL formerly DoD Mall
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Capability Statements and when you should use them.
1. Targeted Capability Statement
This is the most effective Capability Statement you can craft; it is also the most time-consuming. This version will be different for just about every opportunity you’re trying to procure because it will speak specifically to that opportunity, that agency, or that prime contractor.
The goal of sending out any Capability Statement is to present your businesses as capable, effective, professional, and successful at doing the work you’re trying to win. To that end, tailoring your Capability Statement specifically to the agency or prime contractor you’re attempting to win work from is an excellent way to showcase how different your company is from everyone who sent out a general statement.
2. General Capability Statement
The majority of clients who contact TargetGov to develop their Capability Statement are looking for a “General Capability Statement.” Something they could send to any agency or prime contractor at any time. However, the General Capability Statement has limited uses, it isn’t going to be as effective as a Targeted Capability Statement when reaching out to specific Federal Agencies or Prime Contractors. If you know exactly who will be receiving your Capability Statement, we at TargetGov recommend tailoring it to address their needs.
3. Sources Sought Capability Statement
This Capability Statement doesn’t look anything like the other Capability Statements in this list. In fact, the only thing it has in common with the other types of Capability Statements is the name. This can be a confusing exercise for contractors because they’ve become so familiar with the Capability Statements as a marketing document.
What the Federal Government is looking for when they ask for a Capability Statement in a Sources Sought Notice is actually an answer of the notice itself. They will outline exactly what information they want you to provide and in what format. It is very important that you DO NOT send your normal Capability Statement, even as a secondary attachment. It will not help, and may even hinder your ability to market to that agency or decision maker because they will think you are not following their specific directions.
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The attached companies have expressed an interest in doing business with USSOCOM and has requested I forward their capability statement to all contacts in our database.  Please see attached.
These emails are provided as a courtesy to help firms find other firms interested in doing business with USSOCOM.  This is not an endorsement of the firms, or the information, products, or services contained therein by the sender, USSOCOM, or the US Government.  It is incumbent upon you to do your due diligence in determining whether partnering/working with this firm is in your company's best interests.
If you would like me to share your firm's capability statement with all firms in the database, please send me an email with your capability statement, subject to the following requirements:
The Capability Statement:
1.  Should be no more than 3 pages.
2.  File size should be limited to under 1 MB.  Any file over 2MB will not be accepted.
3.  File should be in .pdf format.
4.  Cannot contain restrictive markings if you want it sent to other firms.
The email must contain the following two items:
1.  A statement specifically requesting we send your statement out. (Giving permission to share is not the same as requesting I send it out).
2. Acknowledgement that it will be shared with other firms in the database.
A statement such as "Please share our capability statement with all firms in your database." would suffice to meet both requirements.  Feel free to copy and paste into your email.
Sample Capability Statement